What it’s like working at LAH Real Estate’s new Crestline office + how to join

LAH Real Estate recently opened a new office in Crestline. With a prime location, family friendly team and a flexible schedule, the new office is perfect for moms looking to get back into the workforce. I spoke with Sophia Leece, one of the agents at the new office, to learn more!


Location, Location, Location

The conference room at LAH’s new Crestline office. Photo via LAH Real Estate

“I transferred my real estate license to LAH Real Estate on March 1 and I’ve loved it here. I love the family-focused team—but my favorite part is the location. I have twin boys that start kindergarten next year, and I’ll be just a block away.”

Sophia Leece, LAH Real Estate

Since LAH Real Estate’s new office is located in the heart of downtown Crestline, agents have easy access to all of the amazing local businesses nearby, such as:

With these local restaurants and more, you can find a new place to dine every day.

A Flexible Schedule

“This office offers a flexible schedule for moms looking to get back into the work force. In fact, our office is literally right at the end of the carpool line for Crestline Elementary. Kids can walk to the office after school while mom is finishing up work.”

Scott Boudreaux, Broker, LAH Real Estate Crestline

LAH Real Estate believes their new Crestline office is the perfect opportunity for moms who want to re-enter the workforce on their own terms. After tending to little ones for several years, returning to a 9 to 5 job can be daunting (or so I’ve heard—I am not a mom).

Real estate is a great way for moms to rejoin the workforce. You can decide your own hours, how much you work, and even where you’d like to work on any given day. Plus, the Crestline office is so close to Crestline Elementary—so your kids are never too far away.

Adapting to Social Distancing

By now, I’d say most of us are used to staying at home nearly 24/7. However, COVID-19 hasn’t slowed down business for LAH Real Estate. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, their agents offer virtual home tours—simply set up a time with your agent and they can take you on a virtual tour through FaceTime!

For clients who’d like to visit a property in person, LAH Real Estate is taking extra precautions. Of course, handshakes and hugs are a distant memory. In addition, each Realtor provides hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and even little footies to put around your shoes. Safety is the name of the game!

Interested in joining the Crestline Office?

Learn more about joining the team at LAH Real Estate. Photo via LAH Real Estate on Facebook

“It’s so exciting to be a part of the Crestline office at the beginning. I love the people I work with and how I have the opportunity to shape the culture of the office at its inception.”

Sophia Leece, LAH Real Estate

Before you can become a real estate agent, you need to attend pre-license classes, take the exam and follow up with post-license classes. Luckily, the LAH School of Real Estate offers classes all throughout the year—as well well as online courses through the Career Academy of Real Estate.

If you’re interested, reach out to the team at the Crestline office. They’d love to meet with you—even if you haven’t taken the courses. Once you have a feel for the company, they’ll guide you through the process.

Join the team at LAH Real Estate

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