What Sets LAH Real Estate Apart for Real Estate Agents

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If you’re a real estate agent – or you would like to become one – the agency you choose can define the rest of your career.

That may sound like an exaggeration, but it isn’t. The agency you choose to work with can either take you to new heights or keep you from reaching your potential. After all, not all agencies are created equally. Some are better for new agent development than others; some offer better prospects for established agents than others.

It’s important to be wise in selecting your agency. This is your career. You need a home that allows you to thrive, whether you’re brand new to the industry or an experienced vet.

Here’s what sets LAH Real Estate apart from other agencies in our area.

A Nurturing Environment for Agents

LAH Real Estate does its absolute best to create a nurturing environment for our agents.

By nurturing, we mean your success means just as much to us as it does you. We are happy when you succeed – and for that reason, we want to help you develop, prosper, and grow.

It’s not uncommon to have agents mentor each other either in the office or out in the field. The experienced leaders who run our agency are always willing to pitch in and help an agent develop, whether it’s a piece of advice or a lesson they learned themselves the hard way. (Our goal is for you to avoid the hard way as much as possible!)

We want to cultivate success – not get in the way of it. That’s why our environment and culture is geared toward giving agents the experience they need so that they feel like they are in a pro-growth place.

See what Tyler has to say about LAH below:

“As a new agent, LAH has been a great place to start a career in real estate. I wanted a company that focused on new agent training and a place where the brokers would be accessible. I found all those things at LAH as well as a sense of family among the agents, staff and owners. I’d recommend LAH to any new agent looking for a brokerage!” ~ Tyler Davis

Hands-on Brokers

The relationship between the broker and the agent is an important one. Our brokers are very hands-on with our team, meaning you have the support you need to thrive in your position. Communication is key. Without active, two-way communication, the relationship just doesn’t work.

Ask any veteran agent, and they’ll tell you that a close working relationship with an agency’s brokers will go a long way toward helping an agent succeed. That’s the ultimate goal at the end of the day.

Support through In-House Services

We can talk about intangibles like mentorship, leadership, culture, and nurturing, but what many agents want to know about is the service an agency provides its agents to support them in their day-to-day job.

One example of how we help our agents is through our marketing program. We have a marketing team that exists for one reason: to help promote agents, take care of their marketing needs, and give them whatever support they need in order to succeed. Marketing, after all, is key; without a strong brand, an agent is left to his or her own devices. (They might as well not be in an agency at all!)

How to Win in the Real Estate World

Joining a strong agency with an established brand and heightened visibility in the community is the best way to win in the real estate world. It’s competitive out there, and you need every advantage you can get. Ask the top agents in the field what contributed to their success outside of themselves and they’ll point to the agencies they were part of during their career.

Plus, with the right agency, you’ll earn more – and isn’t that what all agents want to do?

If you want to be a top agent, the agency can make all the difference. Talk to us and let us share more with you about why LAH Real Estate is a place you can call home – and a place where you can truly excel.

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