• Wendy Coppock
    Wendy Coppock Commercial Property Management/Accounting
  • Mya Powe
    Mya Powe Accounting Assistant
  • Lynn Pruitt
    Lynn Pruitt Hoover Receptionist / Coordinator
  • Krisalyn Crye
    Krisalyn Crye Corporate Liason
  • Kelly Lansden
    Kelly Lansden Commercial Coordinator
  • Justin Watson
    Justin Watson IT Associate
  • Jalen Brown
    Jalen Brown Homewood Receptionist
  • Jake Vernon
    Jake Vernon Mountain Brook Receptionist
  • Hallie Mauldin
    Hallie Mauldin Homewood Coordinator
  • Debbie White
    Debbie White Vice President of Operations
  • Cierra Lober
    Cierra Lober Marketing Associate
  • Chris Stewart
    Chris Stewart Marketing Director
  • Charles Arrington
    Charles Arrington IT Director
  • Beverly Thompson
    Beverly Thompson Mountain Brook Coordinator
  • AnnMarie Watkins
    AnnMarie Watkins Relocation Director
  • Annalee Bright
    Annalee Bright New Agent Director
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