How to View Your Listing’s Web Counts and Analytics

web-counts-charts-graphs-250pxHave you ever needed to send your client analytics or web counts for a listing? Have you ever wondered whether or not your property is really being viewed online?  Well, there are 2 ways we can view property listing analytics. You can view them from the MLS itself through a report, or if you have a home tours property website, you can view web counts there. The purpose of this data is to make sure your property is getting meaningful views. If your web count is low, maybe you are not marketing it enough, or marketing it effectively.

Below are step-by-step explanations of how to obtain your web counts and analytics for a property.

Web Count From MLS

Step 1

Log into MLS


Step 2

After Logging in to the MLS, click on “My Inventory” on the left hand side. This should bring up all of your properties.


Step 3

Once your inventory of properties are loaded, navigate to the property you need data on and click/check it.


Step 4

Once you have the property chosen, navigate towards the bottom dropdown for reports. Click the dropdown box and click “Public Activity Report”.


Step 5

Click the button just to the right of the dropdown. When you hover over the button it should say “Show the Selected Report”. It may appear grayed out, but once you click it, it will generate a report.


Step 6

Once the report is generated, you can view the property stats on the right column.

Web Count From Birmingham Virtual Tours Site

Once on the Birmingham Virtual Tour Property website, navigate towards the footer of the page and you will see the website views.


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