LAH Agent Spotlight: Mary Browning

Who is Mary Browning?

Mary Browning has been involved with Birmingham area residential real estate since 2006, but she’s more than just a great Realtor® at LAH Real Estate in Homewood. Her work with various community organizations like the American Cancer Society, Children’s Hospital of Alabama, the Kiwanis Club of Homewood-Mountain Brook, and United Way of Central Alabama keeps her working non-stop!

What is ResearcHERS?

Mary was recently honored to be chosen as an official ambassador to raise funds for American Cancer Society through ResearcHERS: Women Fighting Cancer, a program which engages women to raise funds to directly support women cancer researchers! Did you know that half of the American Cancer Society’s research grantees are women who are just getting started in their careers? Mary is working to help them get the funding they need to fuel their next big breakthrough discovery and hopefully find a cure!

LAH President Maurice Humphries (center) meets with director of ACS, Ginny Tucker (left) and Mary Browning (right) in support of ResearcHERS: Women Fighting Cancer

In Her Own Words

“My mother Elaine Emig died of inoperable lung cancer in March 1976 after a 9-month battle. She left behind a loving husband of 23 yrs. and 6 children ages 9-19. It was a devastating loss to our family. I have always been passionate about advocacy & fundraising to prevent the loss of other mothers, especially at such a young age. My father and two of my sisters are all cancer survivors and are cancer free today! Being an integral part of ResearcHERS & working for 13 yrs. with Relay For Life of Homewood has allowed me to raise funds that support members of my community who are going through treatment. These funds have also supported their caregivers, our local researchers and the Birmingham HOPE Lodge. Cancer has affected so many people I know and love that it’s inspired me to join in the American Cancer Society ResearcHers Campaign! I want to inspire hope for those facing the disease, and this campaign raises funds specifically to support groundbreaking research that can help find a cure! To join me in supporting ResearcHers, you can donate through the link below!”

Click here to help Mary exceed her goal of $2,500

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