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At LAH we aspire to be the company that has the most respected people in the industry, and respect is something that must be earned. Our goal is to earn the respect of our clients, our fellow associates and everyone we come into contact with. That is how we intend to succeed – by being good people first.

Become an Agent with LAH!

You have decided to become an agent with LAH but where do you start?

To become an agent, you need to attend pre-license classes, take your exam and follow up with post-license classes. The LAH School of Real Estate offers classes in the Birmingham area year round as well as online courses through the Career Academy of Real Estate.

  • “Choosing LAH was the easiest and best decision as a new agent! It’s like a family and everyone supports and helps each other. It’s my real estate home and I love it! Go LAH!”

    JanieMac Roe
    JanieMac Roe
  • “LAH is great company with a wonderful reputation in the community it serves and how they treat their employees. I have found this to be true and this is why I elect to work as a Realtor with LAH.”

    J. Michael Thomason
    J. Michael Thomason
  • “Guy and I like working at LAH because it’s HOME to us. it’s become HOME because we believe in the company’s mission; and our staff is Tops! The founders and principles of LAH are among the best in town. LAH has a history of success and a great reputation in the industry. The successful associates, friendly and cooperative atmosphere, and support of the managers and staff are just some of the reasons we love working at LAH.”

    Anna Frances and Guy Bradley
    Anna Frances and Guy Bradley LAH Agents

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