A message on integrity from our president, Maurice Humphries

A message on integrity from our president:

Throughout my career I have often found myself taking a certain pleasure when an agent with another company does something that seems deliberately unprofessional or unethical. The rationalization is that it’s good when a competitor’s behavior exhibits poor conduct because LAH associates strive to be the best in our industry – the more those around us act unprofessionally the more attractive LAH appears in the marketplace.

The importance of integrity in our lives cannot be overemphasized. None of us are perfect; each of us can site examples of people, at all levels of society, who have fallen over issues involving poor judgment. It is because we are fallible that we need regular prods to be reminded that it is in the best interest of ourselves, our company, our industry and our society that character is important.

One of the more interesting and challenging aspects of this business you and I have chosen is the fact that our character is tested frequently. As you well know, Real estate is full of “grey” areas. How we respond to those challenges is how we are measured and I trust that it is your desire to be measured among the best. Don’t panic when confronted with one of these situations, they are unavoidable, just ask for help. Emphasis on “doing the right thing” runs throughout LAH. Often, there is no clear right or wrong answer even to an objective observer and when you are caught-up in the middle of the problem it can be very difficult to see the best solution. If you will go to your office and look around, you see well-trained, experienced professionals all around – when we work together we are unbeatable.

You are not only representing LAH you are representing yourself. Don’t take your integrity for granted, it’s something you have to work on everyday so that when the day is done, you stand out for the right reasons.

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