How Are We Doing? UPDATED

how-are-we-doing-updatedIn 2011, we produced a total sales volume of $176,033,906. Last year we did $232,071,135, an increase of 31.8%.

In 2011, our producers earned total commissions of $3,442,299. In 2012, our producers earned $4,680,922, an increase of $1,238,623 – 35.98%.

In both years, our most active month for closings was June. February, March and April are our most active months for listings by a pretty good margin.

28 of our agents had over $2,500,000 in production last year, 16 of you produced in excess of $4,000,000, 11  did better than $5,000,000 and our top four producers surpassed $13,000,000 in sales for 2012.

In the entire MLS, we ranked 4th in production overall while our average sales price was the highest of the four by far.

In our core market we ranked 3rd and again we maintained a considerable lead in average price among the three top companies.

Under Debbie Veteto’s initiative, our Corporate Services Program continues to become a force to be reckoned with in Birmingham. With 45 community tours from 10 Corporate clients, 2011-2012 has produced 10 closings and 14 renter to buyer conversion clients. In 2013, Debbie has conducted 13 community tours of Birmingham producing two buyer clients referred to agents, one in Homewood and one that recently closed in the Mountain Brook office and she is currently working with three renter prospects who will be converting to buyers next year.

In 2012, Pam Nickoli’s, Relocation Services, office oversaw 225 incoming referrals, 87 of which were corporate listing opportunities. Pam’s efforts resulted in 95 closings for us last year, a conversion rate of 42%.

And maybe best of all, 20 agents joined our ranks since 2012: Misty Wade, Frances Robinson, Holt Rast, Roxanne Lamb, Jennica McMillian, Barbara Williams, Russell Kurtts, Walter LaGroue, Sarah Sams, Peter Northcutt, Roger Conville, Krisalyn Crye, Jackie Gray, Jonathan Hogan, Natalie Innerarity, Harry Greenburg, Dan Goff, Cynthia Zanaty,  Liza Roitman and Reba Myer.

I’d say we’re doing pretty well and we’re off to the best start we’ve had in many years.

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