8 Must-Haves for Realtor’s Facebook Business Page



Facebook with over 600 million active users is the best place to start your social media marketing activities as a small business. Did you know over 700 thousand businesses have Facebook business page?

If you do not have one, please create one and its free to create, you only need a Facebook ID to create your business page. If you are worried about the privacy then good news is no one will find out who is the admin of your Facebook business page.

If you can include the following things in your business page, it will be a killer combination and you can win lots of new likes and eventually generate new business out of it.

1. Welcome Tab

Think of Facebook page like a website. The way your website has different pages and different addresses of each page. Similarly you can create different sub pages under your main Facebook page.

Then you have the option to direct your visitors or traffic to specific page, which is called “Welcome Tab”. Once you select the welcome tab, then every new user will land first on that page. You can design the welcome tab as creatively as you like and run on Facebook using iframe application.

2. Call To Action

We all are so busy and don’t have time, therefore, give your visitor(s) a clear call to action, what you want them to do when they visit your Facebook page. It can be a button or a simple request very visible on your page.

Call to actions could be:

  • Ask your visitors to like you page (all while offering incentives for that)
  • Ask to opt in for newsletter (give some thing free in return of their name and e-mail)
  • Ask to visit your website

One call to action at one time is best. Creative and simple call to actions generally convert well.

3. Link To Your Website/Blog

You welcome tab should include a link to your main website or blog. This will increase your website traffic. Ultimately your main aim should be to direct Facebook traffic to your website. There are some easy steps to connecting your website and social networks together. You can use RSS Feeds, JavaScript Plugins, or even Facebook Applications made for connecting social networks.

4. Google Map

If you are a local business add a map to your physical location. Make it easy for your customers to find you and visit your shop or office. As a Realtor, being easily accessible is important. Giving your audience a variety of ways to get in touch with you shows how serious you are and that you are very inviting to business.

5. Your Products or Services Portfolio

Actions speak louder than words, show your completed work, this is one of the most important thing you can add to your Facebook page. There are Facebook apps that allow for listings to be shown on your Facebook Business Page. Even without the page, posting pictures of Just Listed or Just Sold Home is a great way to market yourself visually.

6. Facebook to Twitter Application

This is a good little handy application to automate your Facebook efforts to twitter. What it does, it will send all your Facebook updates to twitter automatically once installed and connected with your chosen twitter account. Ask a programmer or your marketing team how to connect different social networks in Facebook.

7. Photo & Video Stream

Videos and photos generally create more buzz in the social media. If you have flicker account and YouTube channels, you can link to your Facebook page to create more buzz about your business.

8.  Contact Us

At the end of the day this is your main marketing objective that people should contact you. Give your prospective customers as many ways possible to contact you and make those contact details visible.

I hope this is enough to persuade you to have a good Facebook business page and leverage the social media to get more business.

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