A Simple Way to Connect Your Facebook Page to Other Social Networks

connect-facebook-to-social-networks-pic-1There are various methods to connecting different social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) to a Facebook Account. One of the easiest ways to connect different social networks to your Facebook account is through Twitterfeed. You simply sign up, add your social network feeds, and that’s it.


This, in the technical sense, doesn’t actually connect your Twitter account to Facebook. But this application uses updates from your main network, and pushes them out to the other networks simultaneously. This means, whenever you post from your main network, such as a blog, the message/posts from the main network is posted to your extended networks (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Steps To Using Twitterfeed

  1. Sign up for a Twitterfeed account.
  2. Submit your RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook account.

And you are ready to have your blog posts automatically sent to your Twitter and Facebook accounts when they go live. Then you can track your stats.


Currently Twitterfeed only supports Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as far as social networks you can connect to, however, if you are technically savvy, you can extend connections by manually connecting other networks to Facebook. For example, you can connect Pinterest to Facebook. Whenever you post an image on Pinterest it will post to Facebook, which will then post to Twitter because of the Twitterfeed connection.

How To Connect To A Facebook Page And Not To A Personal Profile?   You click “Connect with Facebook” using your Facebook user account, but if you are the administrator of one or more pages, then after the Facebook connection screen you will see a dropdown list of pages that you are an administrator of. If you select one of these pages, twitterfeed then posts to that page’s Wall and not to your personal Wall.

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