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Agent Spotlight Tori Hayes

Although Tori Hayes has only been with LAH since September, she has always been fascinated by real estate. When she was young on family beach trips, Tori would be captivated by listening to her aunt and uncle talk about their real estate business in Foley....

Agent Spotlight Anna Frances Bradley

After graduating from Auburn in 1999, Anna Frances Bradley didn’t really know what was next for her. Upon weighing the options of grad school, her family suggested that she take a job answering phones somewhere fun. As luck would have it, one of the first available...

Agent Spotlight Paul Hanlon

Paul Hanlon has always been interested in residential real estate. After 10 years of working for a global company in commercial real estate, leasing office space in over 32 countries, the transition seemed natural when he joined the LAH Florida office in February...

Becoming a Real Estate Agent Online in Alabama

If you are looking to launch into a new career in Real Estate, we are here to guide you through the process. Whether you’re a recent graduate or you’re looking for a career change, real estate is rewarding and full of possibilities for growth. We are going to break...

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