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By living in Birmingham my entire life, I developed a profound appreciation for the growth and potential this great city has to offer. Birmingham expresses its diverse culture through many new restaurants, colorful murals that showcase the vibrant life of the residents and ever-evolving communities. As a Realtor, it’s both rewarding and empowering to help clients find their ideal home and add to the booming nature of this city. To begin my journey into real estate, I leased apartments across Glen Iris, 5 Points, Highlands, and Avondale while providing assistance to hundreds of individuals. Those experiences have helped me gain extensive knowledge into the real estate market and develop efficient methods for communication to provide the most reliable service. In hindsight, I always knew I’d want to become a Realtor, so making that dream career come to life has been an extraordinary goal accomplished. My excitement and passion for this career extends to the service I provide for my clients and I truly strive to make your buying/selling experience magical!

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