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Growing up in Israel and serving in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is only a pinch of my foundation.

Between the years 2002-2012 I've had several jobs and experiences including:

Swim instructor, gymnastics coach assistant, summer camp instructor, daycare caregiver, field selling agent for a cable company, hair tools sales person.
All positions involve 2 things I love the most- people and mobility.All those experiences helped me realize my destiny in life.

Moving to Birmingham in 2008 was the best decision I’ve made because I found my other half, whom I’m married to today and we have 3 beautiful children (ages 6,5 and 2).

I have always enjoyed analyzing people, reading their body language, studying behaviors, learning different personalities, understanding different backgrounds. I am fascinated by people.
Being able to help someone with the biggest decision in their life truly brings me joy and satisfaction.
I believe that relationships should be built on trust and open communication.I bring passion, energy, knowledge, commitment, honesty, responsiveness and skills into each transaction to provide value to my clients.

I commit to a high-quality service, accountability, integrity, alertness, tenacity, undivided attention, market knowledge, and most importantly a clear communication, pre-matching expectations and a stress-free enjoyable journey.

I appreciate my clients and I love life.

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