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Originally from Toronto, I have had to find new uses for my hockey sticks in Birmingham, Alabama. That’s a unique situation, but I take pride in my problem solving abilities.


In real estate, my commitment is to be a trusted advisor, guiding clients through an abundance of information. My clients can expect me to be responsive so they can make timely and informed decisions. I have a degree in Economics and a Specialization in Digital Marketing, both of which apply to real estate - examining the behavior of markets and deploying information for connectivity.


The unique combination of my experience in banking and business, along with home construction and international relocations, has led me to be a problem solver in real estate. Each transaction is different and requires the skill to manage resources, people, expectations and information.


It’s important to find someone you can trust with such a large financial and emotional transaction, and frustrating when you can’t. I genuinely want to help find solutions. Ask me about homes or ask me about alternative uses for hockey sticks, I’m ready to provide expertise with either. Connect with me on Instagram or Facebook @GLathemHomes.

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