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Your realtor can make or break your experience. They can make the process a breeze or leave you with a list of questions. My wife, Jamie, and I had been on the search for our perfect home. Our first agent made us feel rushed, we sensed that she was only focused on the sale, not us, the client. So, then we got in contact with an agent with LAH who truly helped us find our home. Leaving such an impression, he made me rethink my career and ultimately make the change into real estate.

Indiana born and raised. I graduated from Indiana University majoring in Sports Marketing and Management. Even though I grew up a few states from Alabama, I feel like I’ve lived here most of my life. I have had many life changing events take place in Alabama. I met my wife at a Christmas party in downtown Birmingham, got engaged at Toomer’s Corner after a huge Auburn win, married and baptized at Shades Mountain Baptist Church in Vestavia, had our wedding reception at Regions Field, and bought our home in Hoover. Indiana has a special place in my heart, but Alabama is definitely my home and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.
I am a family oriented person that believes that hard work pays off, and that you should work for what you want in life. I have 8 years of Supply Chain experience in various manufacturing roles. Over my professional career thus far, I have developed communication, time management, and organizational skills. I believe these will help me navigate my clients through all that goes into the home buying and selling experience.

I understand what exceptional service from a real estate agent feels like. My goal, as an agent, is to give my clients the same experience I had – service so good you want to join.

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