Just as Birmingham’s location offers residents the benefits of both the mountains and the rivers, it also offers the best of all worlds in weather. Blessed with a great climate, Birmingham is a terrific place to not only visit, but to live. You can golf practically year-round and enjoy the outdoors through all of our four magnificent seasons. Our sunny climate matches the Southern hospitality of our area residents.


Birmingham has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers, mild winters, and abundant rainfall. The average annual temperature in Birmingham is 62 °F. Snowfall averages only 1.9 inches but during the Great Blizzard of 1993, the city received over a foot of snow. The average yearly rainfall in Birmingham is about 52 inches, with March being the wettest month and October the driest. The spring and fall months are pleasant but variable as cold fronts frequently bring strong to severe thunderstorms and occasional tornadoes to the region. The fall season features less rainfall and fewer storms, as well as lower humidity than the spring, but it is also a secondary severe weather season. In late summer and fall months, Birmingham experiences occasional tropical storms and hurricanes due to its proximity to the Central Gulf Coast.

Historical Weather Information

Average high 65°
Average low 51°
Average annual 61.8°
Average Rainfall: 52.16″
Average Snowfall: 2.1″
Number of Days of Precipitation: 117
Number of Days of Maximum Daily Temperature Above 90 degrees: 51.8
Number of Days of Maximum Daily Temperature Below 32 degrees: 3.5
Number of Days of Minimum Daily Temperature Below 32 degrees: 53
Freezes: First in early November, last in mid to late March.

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