A memo from our president on production


Date:               July 17, 2014

To:                  LAH Managers, Staff, Owners and Agents

From:             Maurice Humphries

Re:                  First Half Production – 2014

We are now ½ way through 2014 and what a great year we’re having! Through the first six months of the year 17 of you have made in excess of $50,000; 7 of you have earned over $100,000 and three of our agents have already earned over $200,000 – IN JUST SIX MONTHS!

Through the end of June Keith Arendall is the commercial leader and our top agent overall; Antoinette Flowers is the top producer in Mountain Brook; Jamie Goff is the leader in Homewood; Ben Preston leads in Hoover and Team Provow is leading at Santa Rosa Beach.

There are 217 names on the latest phone roster:

Commercial 14; Corporate 13; Florida 18; Homewood 60; Hoover 23; Mountain Brook 89

The following chart compares the first six months of each of the last three years:

2014                            2013                            2012               

Residential Closings:                          493                              445                               436

Average Residential Sales Price:        $297,070                     $291,811                     $279,813

Total Res. Sales Volume:                    $146,455,947              $129,856,038              $121,998,481

Commercial Sales Volume:                 $16,531,010                $3,889,400                  $5,222,250

Total Sales Volume:                          $162,986,957              $133,745,438              $127,220,731

 Thank you for being a part of the LAH family –

 U R Awesome!!

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