2020 Agent Awards

Because we are unable to gather, our 2020 Awards Celebration looked a little different this year. While we normally all get dressed in our cocktail attire to dance the night away, we had to recognize our agents in new ways this year. It was a reminder of the complicated year, but also of how much our company and agents thrived in such uncertain times. As our President and Co-Founder, Maurice Humphries said, “I know I’m preaching to the choir, but we are truly fortunate to work in an industry that is basic to life – we deal in shelter! We deal in the spaces where folks live and raise their families; the places where people work and invest. We deal in the spaces where people felt secure when times were insecure.”

During our Virtual celebration, we celebrated our successes of donating to over 31 organizations, providing meals to our health care heroes with Frontline Foods, hosting two blood drives, conducting a successful canned food drive with Community Foodbank of Central Alabama and collecting Christmas gifts with Toys for Tots.

We also honored the fantastic successes of our agents. We recognized those whose production skyrocketed over the last year, industry newcomers who are Realtors to watch, our top producers in each office and companywide + more! Below is a list of all our award winners, we are so very proud of each and every one of them!


The Rising Star Awards, given to industry newcomers who exemplify productivity, promise and determination to be the best.

For the Crestline office – Fulton Williams and Nicole Roberts

For the Homewood office – Zach White, Chris Garoutte and Mandy Williams

For the Hoover office – Chase Flowers and Sandra Young

For the Mountain Brook office – Nathan AllredKirby Newell and Robin McDermond


The Movers and Shakers Awards, granted to the dedicated Agents whose production skyrocketed between 2019 and 2020.

For LAH Commercial – Rachel Nichols

For the Crestline office – David Tanner and Burke Moncus

For the Homewood office – Leesa WarrenCrissi WatersGinger Busby and Megan Hall

For the Hoover office  – Franklins of Bham, Shanalee Dombrosky, Craig Taylor and Brad Allen

For the Mountain Brook office – Anne Heppenstall and Janet Book


The Innovative Marketeer Awards, granted to agents who promote themselves and LAH in innovative, assertive and consistent ways.

For LAH Commercial – Keith Arendall

For the Crestline office – Jody Porter and Scott Blackmon

For the Florida office – Dave Bolton

For the Homewood office – Lauren Murphy

For the Hoover office – Jana Clark and Sold by Smith (Brent Smith & Molly Smith)

For the Mountain Brook office – Rebecca Hardwick


The Civic Outreach Award, granted to an Agent who demonstrates a consistent heartfelt commitment to give back to our communities.

Sarah Walker


The Relocation Awards, given to Agents who send and close the most outgoing referrals. 

1st  Sarah Walker

2nd Reba Myer


The James T. Lawrence Award, given to a residential agent who exhibits achievement, professionalism, a willingness to learn and loyalty to the company.

JanieMac Roe


The Sales Associate of the Year Awards, voted on by other agents and granted to an agent in each branch who embraces the core values of LAH: client first, quality, integrity, teamwork and philanthropy.

For LAH Commercial – Rachel Nichols

For the Crestline office – Elizabeth Dunn

For the Florida office – Nikki Blasi

For the Homewood office – Crissi Waters

For the Hoover office – Franklins of Bham (Chad & Macey Franklin)

For the Mountain Brook office – Sarah Walker


The Branch Awards, given to agents with the highest total units closed and highest total volume closed.

For LAH Commercial – Total Units Closed

1st  A tie between Rachel Nichols and Durham Ellis

2nd  Keith Arendall

3rd    Bill Warren

For LAH Commercial – Total Volume Closed

1st  Durham Ellis

2nd  Keith Arendall

3rd  Bill Warren


For the Crestline office – Total Units + Total Volume Closed

1st   David Tanner

2nd  Burke Moncus

3rd    Nicole Roberts


For the Florida office – Total Units Closed

1st  Nikki Blasi

2nd  Erin Chekaoui

3rd  TJ Mallory

For the Florida office – Total Volume Closed

1st  Nikki Blasi

2nd  TJ Mallory

3rd  Erin Chekaoui


For the Homewood office – Total Units + Volume Closed

1st  Bradley Perlis Group (Anna Frances & Guy Bradley, Charles Perlis, Crissi Waters and Katy Pulvere)

2nd  The Thomason Team (Michael Thomason, Zach White and Michael Glidewell)

3rd  Jessica Daviston

4th  Mary Browning


For the Hoover office – Total Units + Volume Closed

1st  Ben Preston

2nd  Macey & Chad Franklin

3rd  Sold by Smith (Brent Smith & Molly Smith)


For the Mountain Brook office – Total Units Closed

1st  Dana Ellison

2nd  JanieMac Roe

3rd   Pam Evans Ward

4th  Shelley Watkins

For the Mountain Brook office – Total Volume Closed

1st  Trotter Team ( Bill Trotter & Christy Trotter)

2nd  JanieMac Roe

3rd  Antoinette Flowers

4th  Shelley Watkins


The LAH Owners Awards, recognizing three tiers of agents with the highest Gross Commission Income.

Bronze Level

Dionne Lovett, Sold by Smith (Brent Smith & Molly Smith), Pam Evans Ward, Scott Smithson, Jana Clark, Craig Taylor, Leesa Warren, Janet Book, Kim Mirelman, Scott Butler, Beth & Rebecca Hardwick, Jena Standard, Kathy Byrd & Mary Ruth Thomas, Sarah Walker, Nikki Blasi, Meagan Phillips, Anna Margaret Miller and Hunter Chapman

Silver Level

Shelley Watkins, Antoinette Flowers, Reba Myer, Mary Browning, Dana Ellison, Wade Team (Billy Wade, Cindy Wade, Danielle Wade), Kathy O’Rear, Krisalyn Crye, Bea Healey & Amy Ager, Wu Wu-Hsiung, Franklins of Bham, Ginger Busby, Pam Turbeville

Gold Level

1st  Bradley Perlis Group (Anna Frances & Guy Bradley, Charles Perlis, Crissi Waters and Katy Pulvere)

2nd The Thomason Team (Michael Thomason, Zach White and Michael Glidewell)

3rd Ben Preston

4th JanieMac Roe

5th Jessica Daviston

6th Trotter Team ( Bill Trotter & Christy Trotter)

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