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我是来自台湾的中国人,1989年来到Birmingham AL UAB 取得MPA 学位回台工作两年后又回到伯明翰Vestavia Hills定居至今二十多年。曾经做过十多年的古董生意,开过餐馆,保险经纪。2006 年开始从事地产工作,我专精大伯明翰区住宅,公寓,商业,及投资地产。所仲介的地产从单位从 $8,000 $3,000,000 都有,2013一年就协助了数十位华人朋友经手过   $8.8 million 多万美元的住商地产!无论新来旧识,若想要在伯明翰置从,买房,卖房,请务必来电通知,一定竭诚服务

I am Chinese from Taiwan, graduated from UAB 1991 with a Master degree on Public Administration, I started doing Real Estate since 2006, of course I speak English, Chinese as well as Taiwanese !  I lived at Vestavia Hills since 1994, I have 15 years of sales experience in retail business here at Birmingham,  I am good at negotiation, I want my clients pay as little as possible to get their dream home; and get rid of their beloved house at fair market value.  Could this been done ?  I sold $8.8 million of Real Estate in 2013, now this is for fact !  

Please just give me a call, you will be in a good hands !