Ron Lindsey, AL REALTOR®


  • Whether you are buying a home or selling one, you need to feel secure about the entire process. The person guiding you through the process should be :
  • Capable and adept at handling all facets of the process
  • Knowledgeable and well informed about the current Real Estate market
  • Dependable and Reliable
  • A Finisher…someone who can bring the process to a successful close
  • Someone who has your best interest at heart at all times.
  • In other words…a Friend
    Thank you for placing your trust in me.
    Ron Lindsey

“HOME” has a special meaning for everyone. Alabama is home for me. What a great place to be. Growing up here I was taught to love and appreciate our natural beauty and rich heritage. Being so blessed by God with a wonderful family, close friends and the freedom we all enjoy in our country, I am dedicated to giving something back. “SWEET HOME ALABAMA” has a special meaning to me.

– Ron Lindsey
“It’s About Time!