Continuing Education

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All licensees are required to take fifteen (15) hours of continuing education every two (2) years in order to renew a license. Of these (15) hours, six (6) hours must be two (2) new risk management courses. Currently, only one (1) of these two (2) new courses are available on this site. All other courses are electives.

Risk Management for Brokers – $25Ā  – CE 3 Hours

Level 2 is “Risk Management for Brokers.” This course is required for all brokers…both associate and qualifying. Salespersons can also take this course.

Alabama License Law 2012 Update – $25 – CE 3 Hours

This course is a refresher on Alabama license law. Do you remember what are the 31 ways to lose your license? If not you need to take this course.

Avoiding Illegal and Unethical Practices – $25 – CE 3 Hours

This course looks at what constitutes ethical leadership. It also makes the case that leadership is not only found at the top of an organization. We are all called upon to be leaders. This course also takes a look at illegal practices in real estate to avoid.

Code of Ethics – $25 CE – 3 Hours

It’s that time again. As you know, every four years the NAR requires all members to take a Code of Ethics course. If you are a member of your local Board of REALTORSĀ®, you must complete this ethics course by December 2012.

The Mortgage Mess – $25 – CE 3 Hours

A course on the mortgage mess…REALLY? I know what you are thinking…BORING!!! However there are some interesting scams out there right now. Short sales have provided scamsters new opportunities for devious schemes. I know that you have heard of flipping. How about flopping?

Under the category of ‘Most Bizarre’ is Home Stealing. One day, a homeowner in Nevada answered a knock on his door to find a County Sheriff with an eviction notice on his front steps. The man was shocked to learn that he and his family, along with their possessions, were facing eviction for failing to make mortgage payments on a paid-off home.

But the mortgage mess is more than just mortgage fraud schemes by individuals. There has been what some would describe as fraud on a larger scale. If you don’t really understand the mortgage mess you need to take this course.

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