New Listings for the Week

Posted on March 3, 2016 at 1:36 pm

shutterstock_1638721Check out our great new listings this week!


27 Cora Lee Place Shirley George

124 Woodbrook Drive  Shirley George

985 Clevet Springs Road  Shirley George

5932 Deer Crest Lane Krisalyn Crye

59th Street S The Wade Team

128 Broadway Street #102 Anna Frances and Guy Bradley

158 Lucerne Blvd The Wade Team

918 Irving Road Anna Frances and Guy Badley

2971 Wisteria Drive Michael Thomason

4295 Abbotts Way Michael Thomason


1324 Easterwood Blvd Peter Northcott

Mountain Brook

5508 Desoto Circle Jonathan Hogan

613 19th Ct S Susan & Betsy Wall

1120 Beacon Pkwy East #310 Kim Mirelman/Rosalie Lowy

3305 Dell Road Liz Clark/Linda Swalley

916 Beech Lane Jimbo Moore

39 Clarendon Road Kim Mirelman

1810 Kensington Road Carolyn/Walter LaGroue

2609 Millbrook Lane Jane Schmalz